Fan Art

Here is some great fan art. 
Currently only mine (Scooby Dude) 
But you can submit your own 
on Twitter @Sdmiknowledge 

Scooby Dude's Art (mine)

Let's keep the fan art G/PG :) This is a kid friendly site.
Some basic guidelines:
-No Nudity-
It's okay if you have a shirtless guy or ect, basically if it's allowed in public it's allowed here.
-No Bad Words-
You know the ones. ;)
-No Hate-
Any type of racist, homophobic or any other type of prejudice, is not tolerated, Let's love each other! :)
-Not a ton of violence-
There can be fights scenes or whatever, but no one wants to see a cut up bloody Scooby, so let's limit it.

I hope you guys understand, If you have any questions about guidelines, just tweet me. if you are a little confused about whether or not your art meets the guidelines, you can DM (on twitter) the art and I'll let you know. Thanks for understanding, I personally don't really care about the listed things above, but I want this site for everyone, including children :)

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