Sunday, November 15, 2015

Be Cool Scooby-Doo Season 1 Part 1 Comes to DVD

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WB and MSN have released a promo for the DVD release of Season 1 Part 1, there is not release date announced, My prediction is either first week of December 2015 or sometime in January 2016.
You can watch the promo here:
UPDATE: Thanks to @ScoobySnaxCom for sharing the info on Twitter, Amazon has confirmed that the DVD will be released Feb 16, 2016.
Below is a better view of the cover art.

New "Be Cool Scooby-Doo!" Game "It's Dark Out There"

Boomerang UK's website has launched a new original game. The new game's objective is basically whack a mole but with monster's eyes, and you have to look out for the gang's eyes. It's pretty fun, and works on mobile too!
Play Here

Below are some images from it.

New Episode of Be Cool "Scary Christmas" Confirmed

Zap2it has confirmed a new episode titled "Scary Christmas" according the website, it will air November 30, 2015. It was originally set for 12:30PM/11:30AM, but luckily was moved by CN to 6:30PM/5:30PMCt. on November 16, 2015. We'll just have to wait and see! And special thanks to @ScoobySnackFact for screen grabbing this from the new Scooby game on Boomerang UK's site. :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Scooby-Dooby-Caption Week #18 (The return of Scooby-Dooby-Caption)

"Be Cool Scooby Doo" Thoughts so Far and #ScoobyGate

Hey Guys, It's been a while! I've been adding content such as episode guides. Mostly lately I've been tweeting in news or any opinions I have on Twitter, I'm continuing that since I find it more efficence with getting news out to people. But I feel a bit like I've been neglecting the site, even with the updates. I just have been failing to keep the news up to date on here. I am sorry for that. But I'm back with a very large new post regarding all of the stuff that has happened this month with Scooby-Doo, I might start doing this every month, I don't know, we'll see. :)

"Be Cool Scooby-Doo" Thoughts so far. 
So thirteen episodes of the series have aired, and another was released online. So basically half the season is out now. So far my thoughts on the series is... 
It matches my comedy style perfectly, I though SDMI was pretty funny at times, but this show has me tearing up sometimes with laughter. From Daphne's hobbies to Fred's odd fear of widths, It is hilarious! I've gotten used to the new look, and frankly I really like it, it fits the writing style of it. 
When it was first announce I was scared that it would end up being like "Teen Titans Go" or something of that sorts. But when I interviewed Jon Colton Barry, and started following the people who work on it, on Twitter, I saw how much love and effort they put into it. I knew it had to be an awesome series. And I was correct. I love it, it's a much needed breath of fresh air. 
So as we are talking about "Be Cool" let's talk about how it's being treated. So at first CN was doing an awesome job with ads and airings at a great time slot of 7PMEt, New episodes aired Mon-Fri the first week and then aired new episodes on Mon and Thurs the next, same time. BUT! The next week they were scheduled to air it the same Mon/Thur but at the last minute moved it to weekdays at 4PM! With no ads airing till Wednesday I believe. They changed the schedule probably 20 or more times! They were airings lots of reruns on the weekend and during the week, but then pulled them. This week's episode was even more of an issue. First they were going to air episode 13 Thursday at 4PM, then episode 14 Friday at 6:30PM, then it was swapped to episode 14 Wednesday at 6:30PM and episode 13 Thursday at 12:30PM! But when it came down to it only episode 14 aired this week on Wednesday, episode 13 never aired. It was replaced with a rerun. Episode 13 was released online though on iTunes, I purchased it, and it was a great episode. Who knows when CN will air it. A lot of the Scooby community actually boycotted CN, I was one of them. With a boycott that allowed me to watch Be Cool and that's it. I've since stopped the boycott as I thought it was getting better when they decided to air a new episode Wednesday at 6:30PM, and started airings reruns again. But then they pulled Thursday's, and there are no new episodes scheduled so far through November 13. So I might be boycotting them again, we'll see. I created the #scoobygate for this issue, so if you are talking about this on twitter, I'd appreciate it if you would use the #scoobygate for me. :)

Peace Out Gang