Thursday, December 29, 2016

(EXCLUSIVE!!!!!) Be Cool Scooby-Doo Season 2 info

Okay I have some exclusive information on season 2, I've had this info for a little while, and just haven't realaesed it, but since some season 2 episode titles are coming out I decided it's now or never. I've never posted incorrect info, you can trust me on this one.
I don't know the episode order but here's the titles, and plot info I've gotten. Some have been released already but I'm gonna post everything I've gotten, so just ignore the ones already announced.

Some Fred


In Space

Disorient Express

There Wolf

How to Train your Coward

Scrooget Scroogey Scrooge

Episode plot info
SOME FRED. Fred gets so consumed in solving mysteries, the gang decides he needs a break. So they take Fred to Daphne's beach house for some R&R. But of course, there's a mystery there, so the gang tries to hide it from Fred while solving it at the same time.

SCROOGET SCROOGEY SCROOGE. It takes place during the classic DICKENS time period.

Episode plot info without titles
There's a Witch/Halloween episode coming up, and one where they go to Japan.